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Our Company

We are a leading manufacturer and exporters of all kinds of safety working gloves. We are producing interlock gloves in 100% cotton, poly-cotton as well as seamless/knitted gloves and leather gloves in Sheep, Goat, Cow & Buffalo.   We have own production facilities, ensure to maintain the quality standards during production process as per customer specification.

Customers’ satisfaction is our main focus. We realize the importance of continuously staying ahead in product development; therefore we are devoting lots of energy and time into research and product development.

We offer competitive prices based on goods quality standards with best services. Our customer trust is due to our strong commitment.

Our Products

We produce goods keeping in view high Quality standards of Interlock Gloves, Jersey Gloves, Drill Gloves, and Seamless Gloves etc.
Interlock Gloves
Jersey Gloves
Drill Gloves

Quality Assurance

We having the manpower to control the quality standards during each and every process in order to ensure that goods are producing as per required standards of customer.